Sales and marketing mean nothing if you don’t have a strong foundation from which to deliver to YOUR clients. You leave your business – and yourselves – exposed not only to lawsuits, but to a wide range of other challenges such as damage to your reputation, loss of goodwill, and customers disappearing …


Out of 100 Small Businesses fail because of cash-flow


Of Small Business Owners have been in business less than 3 years


Of Employers are Small Business Owners

About the Seven Secrets

In this REPORT you will learn:


  •  Why it’s critical to have A TEAM of QUALIFIED and VETTED professionals working with you.  
  • What are the essential components of a business plan?
  • How surfing the web can get you and your business in trouble!
  • What happens when you fail to focus on planning and structure.
  • Why it’s SO important to properly protect your hard work.
  • And More!
” Many business owners spend their capital, time and effort on marketing and sales – the fun stuff…the ice cream – but they forget that a sound foundation is the key to their success – just like “boring” broccoli can help sustain you, so too can proper professional guidance help sustain your business, thereby transitioning the otherwise boring broccoli into fun ICE CREAM.” Lauren Cohen, Esq. Founder – Scaleup Checkup

Lauren has worked with countless growth-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them overcome obstacles and overwhelm by simplifying otherwise challenging processes.

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